Greeting from the Managing Partner

Yuwa Accounting Office Managing Partner Ryoji Yoshioka


Greeting from the Managing Partner

In trying to manage a fund to achieve returns, I think that a lot of fund managers experience a great deal of anxiety about the establishment and operation of the fund. One of the causes of this anxiety is that the fund managers need to have a high sense of compliance, in order to protect their investors from risk, and a strong service mentality, at the same time as they are faced with a wide and diverse range legal, auditing and accounting obstacles.
“If we could set up an office that specializes in fund auditing and related business, and support an environment where fund managers can relax and concentrate on achieving the best performance for their funds—”
It was with these ideas in mind that our office was established in 2011 by three certified practicing accountants with experience in performing fund related work at major accounting firms in Japan. We also cooperate with public notaries, lawyers and tax accountants specializing in funds and finance. Our specialists in each of the fields of auditing, accounting and law, provide comprehensive support for a reasonable fee.
We aim to be an organization of experts in the field of funds, and work hard every day so that people will say about us, “If you get advice from the Yuwa Accounting Office, you can relax and concentrate on fund management”.

Yuwa Accounting Office
Managing Partner Ryoji Yoshioka

Worked in fund auditing and auditing under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law at Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation (Currently PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata)
Worked in SPC / Partnership accounting and tax work and fund establishment and structure work at Kasumigaseki International Accounting Office
Worked in M&A advisory business and business reconstruction, etc. at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Established Yuwa Accounting Office